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Welcome to atti

When Koreans meet, instead of simply saying hello we ask if you’ve had a good meal.
When our far-away parents call to check on us, they ask how we’re eating.
Sharing well-prepared, thoughtful meals is a central part of our life,
and it’s an experience we want to share with you at Atti. Tucked away among the soaring high-rises of downtown Brooklyn, Atti is a space that reflects the very center of the Korean soul.

The atmosphere may be modern, but when you gather around one of our individual grill tables you are participating in a Korean experience that has existed for generations.
Take the time to cook your own tender wagyu, marinated prime galbi and cured meats while you enjoy the company of friends and family and take part in a tradition that is central to the Korean experience.

As the grill sizzles and smokes, you will enjoy side dishes that showcase the very
best in Korean cuisine like kimchi, pickles, vegetables, casseroles, and Korean delicacies
that will soon become new favorites.

Why so much? In Korea, the experience of dining around a balanced, bountiful table has its own word: han sang. At Atti, it’s what we do.

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